Northwave Raptor shoes review£99.99

Great for hard, high-powered rides

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Northwave’s Raptor has the stiffness and styling to please Lycra loving racers plus the strength and durability to tough it out on the trails day after day.

The midsole is carbon-reinforced resin with a rubber tread that grips the ground better than plastic. The fit is a bit like the Bontrager RXL in the forefoot, making it good for most broad Anglo Saxon feet but, unlike the RXL, the Raptor has a well-shaped heel cup that grips the heel and Achilles area, reducing heel lift to a minimum.

The uppers are extremely well vented with mesh panels yet remain strong thanks to the plastic toe bumper and heel cups. The removable micro buckle is adjustable for left/right position via a Velcro tab and the action of the buckle is clean and secure.

We found ourselves reaching for the Raptors for hard high-power rides more than technically stiffer shoes – a fact that we put down to their great fit. They're a genuinely durable and well-fitting bike shoe that we think you’ll love.

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