Polaris MR3000 Shoes £49.99

Out-and-out race shoes on a budget.

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Despite their relatively cheap price tag, the MR3000s offer an out-and-out race feel. They’re stripped back to the bare essentials, with minimal padding and comfort as a consequence, although the three Velcro straps hold them snugly in place.

Large mesh panels do a good job of keeping your feet cool and also manage to dry pretty quickly when wet. The soles are solid and almost flex-free, as good race shoes should be.

The outer tread is hard, which is great for digging in the mud, but can be a slippery off the bike on hard surfaces. Toe studs help for those wet rides, though.

The MR3000s are a good call if you’re after pure race shoes and your budget is tight.

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