Animal Drop Shorts £55

Tough baggy shorts, but a bit warm

BikeRadar score 4/5

These shorts don’t come with an inner liner, so pull them on over you favourite comfort layer – or wear them solo. The styling is such that you’d be happy to strut your stuff off the bike too.

Once in the saddle we were less impressed – the fabric feels durable but it rides heavy and we quickly became warm – even in the chill of a British spring. 

The touch of the stretch is comfy but there’s a bit of flap going on that we found annoying. Saying that, there’s nothing to truly cramp your riding style though, so if freeride is your main game or you know you have a propensity to hit the ground at speed, then this could be what you’re looking for. 

Failing that, at least you’ll look good in the café afterwards.


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