Scott Exit shorts £79.99

Lightweight baggies but slightly delicate

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Scott are one of the few bike brands to also do quality clothing and these Exit shorts are a great lightweight riding baggy – if slightly delicate.

The high-tech stretch fabric and multi-panel design means no builder's bum or crotch-on-saddle catch, and unlike many ‘Euro’ shorts they’re a good ‘just above the knee’ length too.

Instead of the usual external straps, the internal velcro waist adjusters are unobtrusive, effective and stay put while the zipped crotch vents keep your cobblers cool on climbs.

The shorts shift sweat and dry quickly, while the totally separate liner short is much more versatile than a stitched-in one. A matching shirt, windbreaker and gloves are available.

The all-round quality comes at a cost though, as the soft stretchy thigh front panels can snag easily on thorns or any Velcro they share the washing machine with.

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