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Gore Power 2.0 bib 3/4+ tights

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"High comfort bib tights that will layer perfectly under your baggies"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 2.00pm By

We almost disregarded these three-quarters as not being nearly hefty enough for cold weather use, but the fabric has a warmth that belies the relatively light weight.

The panels curve round your legs to give a close fit – but the material is ultra-stretchy so there’s no feeling of restriction. We hate the sensation of being bundled up and losing freedom of movement, and there was never any question of that as the cut/fabric mix means that the Power bib is very comfortable under baggies.

Mesh bibs and warmer brushed bibs have their merits, depending on the weather, but we liked the mesh on this style; it was in keeping with the versatile layering quality of the body, and with straps long enough for a tall tester there’s never strain on the shoulders.

The pad is seamless and with flex channels that allow it to mould to your shape it snaps into place and stays there. We’ve worn these a lot for longer rides and never been uncomfortably aware of their presence. The construction is as excellent as you’d expect from Gore – from the extensive flatlocked seams to the contrast bound edges on the bib section, yet the price isn’t top dollar.

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