Vaude Mischabel waterproof trousers review£120.00

Practical all-rounder on or off the bike

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Over trousers with zips that go right down each leg do bring geography field trips rushing back with way too much clarity. Luckily it’s not a recollection that persists once you try the Mischabels out because they bear no resemblance to the hard crackly nylon clown pants of our youth.

It’s not designed specifically as a riding trouser, although the crotch section is seam-free, which does make this a less potentially irritating all-rounder once you are in the saddle. The waist sits quite high, which we expected to feel on the bike, but because there isn’t a fixed band at the front you don’t, and the fact it’s high means less opportunity for leakage.

The comfort is helped by a fit adjustment that comes from the tabs that fix the storm flaps in place – pulling them across a bit further tightens everything up. The easy-on long zips make these ideal for epic rides where you need to pack extra gear to pull on in an emergency. In the long term we’d worry about cycle-specific wear through the seat but for general outdoor wear and occasional bike use the Mischabels are great.

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