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Deda Parabolica Due Clip-on bars

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80.0 out of 5 stars

"Well-designed, lightweight clip-ons that are worth paying a little bit extra for"

Thursday, April 14, 2011 1.00pm By

This clip-on set from Italian frame and tubing specialists Dedacciai is well-priced and classy-looking if you want a semi-raised aero position. While the upward S-bent extensions sit above the bar line, the alloy plates with thin pads mean height isn’t too tall, and we easily managed to find a neutral position by swapping some steerer spacers.

There are no fewer than 12 potential positions from the two-bolt fixing arrangement, and all our testers managed to get comfortable. The smooth cold-forged clamps have rounded edges that won’t damage carbon base bars, and a classier look than most budget bars. The S-bend extensions are laser etched for easy symmetrical trimming too. Weight is low for the money, making these very attractive entry-level bars.

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Parabolica Clip-On Aerobars (11)
Deda Elementi

* PARABOLICA ZERO: * Straight extensions * Clamp to fit 31.6mm handlebar * PARABOLICA UNO: * Single curve and ideal for long events * Clamp to fit 31.6mm handlebar * Weight about 375 grams * PARABOLICA DUE: * Two curves ("S" bend) offering several hand positions * Clamp to fit 31.6mm handlebar * Max length 290mm
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