Easton Aeroforce Alloy clip-on aero bars review£79.98

Great positioning for aggressive riders

BikeRadar score3/5

Easton's top-end carbon fibre gear gets the headlines, but their Aeroforce alloy is a rock solid option for powerful riders.

The clamps and extensions are sold separately, with the alloy extensions costing only £19.99 compared to the 55g lighter, but hugely expensive, £139.99 carbon set.

Make sure you check the packaging carefully though, as our set was printed as “carbon” with only a small gold sticker in the corner saying alloy.

The deep S-curved extensions plug into long underslung clamps for a super-secure, low height position that’s great for aggressive riders.

The twin-bolt pad mounts are rotationally adjustable with four different-width bolt holes and the deep pads give long-distance comfort. Pricing is competitive, but weight isn’t.

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