Outland tri bars review£44.99

Budget clip-ons

BikeRadar score4/5

There are lots of cheap clip-ons around but Outland 's offer everything you need, and a great position for the price.

Unlike a lot of cheap clip-ons, the two extensions are separate rather than one bent piece, which immediately increases width adjustment.

The shallow S-bend extensions are well-shaped, ruler etched for accurate trimming and even slotted for internal cabling. They can be rotated and adjusted for angle too.

Unlike many sets, the extensions clamp under the base bars, which keeps the arm pads and overall position very low. The square- edged rests are adjustable for angle, with a steeply curved outer edge for security.

Ribbed pads reduce sweating and there are shims for 25.4mm bars too. The only downside is a relatively hefty weight, but at this price they’re unbeatable.

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