Oval Concepts A910 aero bars£219.99

Superlight clip-ons

BikeRadar score3/5

The A910 is the top lightweight but super-adjustable compact cockpit from the vast Oval Concepts integrated bar buffet range.

The short, shallow ski bends are easy to adjust for draft-legal racing, but longer armed riders will need to pick from the three different retrofit carbon extensions available (£119.99).

The inboard or outboard clamps can go under or over the bars with five different armrest drillings for maximum adjustability. Different rise spacers are included in the pack too for higher elbow fans, and there’s even an insert for direct mounting the rests on to the extensions.

Flex in the thin arm rests boosts rough road comfort of the otherwise thin arm pads, which leaves only the cost to worry about. If that’s an issue, the £79.99 alloy A710 offers all the same features, for only a slight weight penalty.

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