PZ Racing AE5.0 aero bar review£169.99

Integrated design

BikeRadar score2/5

This complete cockpit and stem setup is light for the money, but the finishing quality is worrying. The idea of integrating the arm pontoons and extension clamps into the stem plate is very similar to other higher cost systems. It’s a neat idea and once you’ve removed 127g of stem from the weight it’s light too.

The big Velcro-fixed pads sit on wide armrest arms with two positions and height spacers included, but there’s no sideways adjustment of the underslung extension bars. While it's stiff, the light 206g base bar has scarily sharp stress riser grooves in the underside and stretch marks and scars in the alloy caused by the shaping process. These are real stress collection points and we were very nervous about using it.

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