Ritchey Prologue aero bars £259.98

Great competition clip-ons

BikeRadar score 3/5

Both light and low, the Prologue is a great competition clip on. All the carbon fibre involved makes it damn costly though.

Various shaped extension pieces are available to tune fit, although the bars' high £100 price means we’d be tempted to shop around for cheaper options to fit the standard 22.2mm diameter.

The arm/clamp sections are the clever bit, with a single outward canted bolt closing the two piece interlocking clamps. Low-tuck fans will love the fact that the extensions hang below the base bars for a minimal height position.

Outward adjustment is limited to two pairs of holes in the carbon-fibre arm rests, but there is rotational adjustment. The curved cups are very secure too and the basic pads keep weight low.

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