PRO Tempo Clip-On aero bars review£64.99

One piece clip-ons

BikeRadar score2/5

These one-piece clip-ons from Shimano offshoot PRO offer loads of hand positions but at the expense of a lardy weight. By using an old-skool single-piece U-bend design with end hoop and S-bends on the forward extensions, the Tempo offers a big variety of hand positions. You obviously can’t set them up wonky either, which speeds setup slightly.

The extensions are rivetted on in line with the bar clamp, which keeps them relatively low. Deep pads raise your arms, though, and while they’re slightly more comfortable on rough roads, they’re not adjustable for rotation and it’s quite easy to slip over the rounded edges if you’re shuffling about on a long ride. The chunky clamps and closed loop design mean they’re heavy too, and you’ll have to add an aftermarket bridge if you want to fit gears.

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