Acros CXS ceramic bottom bracket £80

Silky-smooth ceramic-bearing crank upgrade

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

The stiffer, lighter and faster spinning properties of ceramic balls really pay off when used on bottom brackets. The A-BB CXS bottom bracket uses ceramic balls running on steel races.

A higher specced CX version is also available, with ceramic races and balls, but we’re more than happy with the performance and quality of the less expensive, CXS version tested here.

Compatible with Shimano, Race Face and FSA external bottom bracket chainsets and intended for road and touring use , the labyrinth sealed bearings are further protected by a lip seal on the dustcap and an internal sleeve. Heavier duty mountain bike versions are also available. The bearings are silky smooth from the off and there’s a reassuring feeling of quality.

This is the sort of component that you are going to put a lot of miles into, but straightaway you can tell it’s going to last. It might be more expensive than a standard external bottom bracket but the Acros unit is actually good value when pitted against its ceramic rivals and should out-last cheaper alternatives.

The bottom bracket comes with its own preload cap and is available in red or black, in BSA English or Italian threads.

The CXS bottom bracket weighs 112g and comes with a two-year guarantee.

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