Ashima Carbon Addict brake pad set review



Ashima Carbon Addict brake pad set

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"Expensive, but superb stopping performance with bling looks"

Sunday, May 30, 2010 11.00am By

We've been doing loads of miles on carbon rims in miserable weather recently, which is perfect for testing carbon-specific pads. These Ashima ones are proving a great alternative to the ubiquitous SwissStops.

Lots of buyers will be seduced by the carbon shoe, and at 24g a pair they save 14g over the Ultegra Swiss Stop combo they replaced on our test bike.

It’s the consistent braking performance in all weathers that really impressed us though. The extra length translates into extra power and there’s no trace of burning smell or fade even when deliberately trying to cook them.

They made our carbon test wheels behave closer to alloy ones under braking than anything else we’ve used, which is a big bonus.

The set includes dual compound alloy pads (pictured) for sliding in when you’re using your alloy training wheels. Replacement pad inserts are available for £7.99.

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Carbon addict brake pad set (10)

# Full carbon pad holder # Angle adjustable # Includes 1 pair of alloy pads and 1 pair of carbon pads
Weight (g):
Campag and Shimano pads available

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