Azonic Meatgrinder FR chainset review£189.99

Bashguarded double rings

BikeRadar score3/5

Azonic are one of the most established hardcore componentry providers but these cranks aren’t as slick as we expected. 

At 1,058g for the bashguard-plus-double-chainring version we tested, they’re light enough to work as a trail crank and we liked the 36:22T ratios for all-round use.

There are no ramps or pins on the backs, so upshift is slow and grinding, and they feel flexy compared to hollow arm competition because of the amount of metal scooped out of the back.

Screw-thread tolerances and spline are sticky too and we struggled to get pedals on and off the offside arm – not good for a £190 crank. The skull print finish wears quickly too.

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