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"Funky alternative to Shimano Dura-Ace"

Thursday, August 31, 2006 11.00pm By

This firm is better known for its offroad kit but has recently introduced this compact two-piece design for the road market.

Unlike the other sets tested here the Race Face's axle is integrated with the left hand crank instead of the right - an ultimately stronger design as the spider does effectively provide additional peripheral support. So in years to come it should resist 'spreading' better than the others if the bolt was allowed to become loose.

The crank arms fashioned from 6066 aluminium are sculpted out at the back and the right-hand crank has a beefy-looking key release bolt to access the special bearings, that are claimed to be exceptionally long-lasting. In addition to the compact 110mm BCD version tested here there is also a version available that has 39-53 teeth chainrings. The S.H.I.F.T. patented teeth design works as smoothly as Shimano's.

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Race Face

Manufacturer's Description:
The Cadence X-Type road cranks are a product of well over a decade of experience designing high performance cranksets. Featuring our proprietary X-Type bottom bracket system & refined specifically for road riding.
Weight (g):
• Our Cadence X-Type Road cranks are forged from 6066 aluminum for improved strength & fatigue resistance. Our unique, multi-stage forging process enables our designers to sculpt an incredibly weight efficient crank while also altering the grain structure of the alloy to increase fatigue resistance. Race Face’s signature I-Beam profiling is used on our Cadence crank for improved stiffness & strength. Our proprietary milling process on the chainring tabs ensures no axial run out for precise shifting. A modest offset from the spindle to the pedal ensures the most efficient power transfer while a low Q factor places the rider in a more natural & efficient riding position. Thin walled chromoly spindle provides needed strength at a sensible weight. All 7075 alloy hardware. Precision CNC machined 7075 chainrings. Bearings feature our new custom triple wiper seal to better retain grease & keep contaminants out. Bearings are factory filled with Phil Wood waterproof grease – tested & proven to extend bearing life.

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