Shimano Saint crankset£160.00

A hardcore favourite: light but tough

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Shimano’s original heavy-duty groupset has been around for a while, but the chainset remains a hardcore favourite.

The Hollowtech arms are at the heart of its high performance – they’re stiff as hell but comparatively light. They’re tough enough for most riders, as is the polycarbonate chainguard around the double ring set-up. The pinch bolt secured fitting couldn’t be easier to use and we’ve never had trouble with loosening or unsettling creaks. It’s one of the cheaper hardcore cranks, too.

The loose pedal reinforcing inserts are a pain if you swap pedals regularly though, and the 32-tooth chainring on the double might be undergeared for some. You’ll also need a new bashguard if you get a bigger ring too.

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