Gusset Pigmy cranks review£149.99

Super strong: you’ll probably never need another crank again

BikeRadar score4/5

This super strong three-piece is a pain to fit, but you’ll probably never need another crank again. 

Japanese chromoly steel arms are TIG welded onto the pedal and axle knuckles with deep collars for a solid feel. The splined steel axle is ultra thick walled for maximum crash survival. Add a chainring from the extensive Gusset collection and you’ve got an ultra-strong piece of transmission.

Like most BMX style cranks, there may well be a hammer – and probably some swearing – involved in getting the multiple spacer, ultra-tight spline set-up fitted correctly. 

A unique internal sleeve design ensures correctly loaded bearings for a smooth, long running spin that won’t make pedalling the crank’s extra weight any harder than it has to be.

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