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Shimano Deore crankset

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"Need a triple chainset on a budget? Look no further than Deore"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1.00pm By

Shimano’s Deore chainset may be heavy (998g), but at £75 it’s less than half the price of most of the competition.

It’s no surprise to see that Shimano have foregone their hollow-forging tech in favour of a design that’s simply pocketed at the back. They’ve had to use more metal, which is where a lot of the weight comes from, but it won’t let you down.

Fitting is idiot-proof, with a plastic preload nut that’ll fail before you overtighten it. There’s even a cunning pegged spacer on the left-hand arm that prevents you doing up the twin opposing pinch bolts until the crank is correctly positioned on the axle.

The black/grey finish is smart, and there’s a silver option. The shifting is very slick, and inner and middle rings are both made of hard-wearing steel.

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FCM590 Deore crankset (12)

Weight: 858 + 97g. Options: 2/32/24 (tested), black or silver. Arms: 170, 175mm

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