SRAM X9 rear derailleur review



SRAM X9 rear derailleur

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70.0 out of 5 stars

"Solid, reliable 10-speed shifting but nearly £30 more than Shimano's rival XT mech"

Friday, December 3, 2010 2.00pm By

Sitting below the elite X0 model is the new SRAM X9 alloy and composite rear mech, at 239g for the long-cage model. The body is a tweaked 10-speed version of the 2009/10 nine-speed X9.

It’s chunky, solid and without a hint of flex or sloppiness anywhere – good portents for accurate shifting. Strong return springs in the arm and the parallelogram keep the chain tensioned over the rough stuff, and ensure lightning fast rear shifting right across modern wide-ratio 12-36T rear cassettes.

Setting up SRAM rear mechs is a breeze, and once dialled in they’re more tolerant of slight cable stretch and drop-damage hanger misalignment – meaning you can keep riding while your biking buddies are figuring out how to make their gears work.

We’ve run this grey one (a red/white option is also available in short, medium and long cages) through some seriously yukky trail conditions, filled it with clay, bashed it on rocks and left it out in the rain. So far, so durable – and the shifting is still laser guided. Perfect. Try the X7 mech for £20 less for the same effect and a few extra grams.

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X.9 10 Speed rear derailleur

Weight (g):
Speeds: 10 speed only *Material: Aluminum alloy links and forged B-knuckle, High Strength Grilon® P-knuckle, sealed cartridge bearing upper pulley, Aluminum long/medium cage/composite short cage** Weight: 204 grams (medium cage) **Outer Cage: 6061-D-Stamp, Composite Compatibility: Exact Actuation 10 speed Inner Cage: 6061-D-Stamp, Composite Bearings: Bushing Cage Sizes: 55mm, 75mm, 99mm Max Tooth: 36 tooth compatible Technology: Exact Actuation, Direct Route Technology for lighter effort shifting

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