Avid Juicy 3.5 disc brake£87.00

Bargain braking

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The original Avid hydraulic disc brake, the Juicy, is still a regular sight on complete bikes and a competent and high control performer.

The fact that it's an expensive brake that’s become cheaper – rather than one that’s been made cheaply – is obvious in its sleek looks.

Avid features like the cup-and-cone washer 3D mounting system, the broad angled lever and small two-piece calliper are all present and correct.

Unlike the Juicy 3, the 3.5 has a two-piece bar clamp for easy installation and it’s a flip-flop design, so left-handed front brakers can switch sides without having to bleed it.

The Power Reserve Geometry lever sweep really does boost the feel of power and control on the trail, which gives the Juicy a real control and ‘proper brake feel’ edge over most other budget brakes.

Reliability is excellent, weight is reasonable and spares are very easy to get hold of too. Replace the DOT 4 fluid with DOT 5.1 for big-mountain use, though.

Juicy 3.5 dry: juicy 3.5 dry

dry all: dry all

Juicy 3.5 wet: juicy 3.5 wet

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