Hope Race X2 disc brake£199.00

One for the weight weenies

BikeRadar score2/5

Hope have chased every last gram out of the single-sided Mini Pro master cylinder and calliper. Add titanium fixings and a thin alloy-spider disc and the weight drops to 272g for the 160mm rotor version and even lighter for the 140mm rear options at 261g, making them potentially the lightest brakes available.

The trimmed down X2 calliper still has a proper arrowhead bleed valve and adjustable hose rose. Also, Hope’s spares and factory direct servicing backup is legendary. The short, smooth carbon lever is reach adjustable and gives a smooth, accurately modulated feel under gentle tickle braking in low traction situations.

It’s designed for one finger but you can squeeze two on if panic grips you. This is quite likely as actual braking power is pathetic, even with the bigger, heavier 183mm rotor we used. At least it won’t chuck you over the bars though, and is dependable if often noisy.

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