Hope Tech X2 dics brake£159.00

Controlled and adjustable

BikeRadar score3/5

The long, broad lever of the Tech master cylinder is very solidly mounted for an ultra smooth feel and drilled for extra dirty/wet glove grip. The two-finger screw levers on the front give separate reach and bite point adjustment without any of the issues that adds with SRAM or Shimano brakes.

Fitting with either SRAM or Shimano shifters isn’t the neatest though, and we've had to file the brake spacers slightly to prevent rubbing on some forks. The X2 calliper gets an adjustable hose exit angle and the option of a metal braided hose for an extra £11 and/or a weight saving alloy centre floating rotor for £37.

Even with the extra leverage of the long blade you'll need to upsize your rotor choice to compete with other brakes in terms of stopping power, which makes it a weighty system. Modulation, control and reliability are generally excellent though, apart from some serious squeal in the wet.

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