Shimano XT brakes £162.97

Powerful but heavy and awkward setup

BikeRadar score 2/5

It’s the original Shimano Servo-Wave brake, but detail glitches on the XT mean it’s overshadowed by newer units.

The low profile single-piece calliper looks neat, but the hose angle is fixed, bleeding is awkward and weight is high. The ‘free stroke’ bite adjust screw was extremely stiff too. It’s single-sided and the split clamp is awkward to fit without scratching carbon bars.

The Servo-Wave leverage means plenty of pad clearance for easy calliper set-up and quieter running and it boosts average dry power levels.

Wet braking performance is better and sintered pads last well. Separate rotor and mount pricing adds flexibility, but the cost is high – especially as the Shimano Deore 595 is more powerful and £55 cheaper.

Dry brake test graph

Dry brake test graph for all brakes tested

Wet brake test graph

Wet brake test graph for all brakes tested


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