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"Surprisingly versatile aero fork"

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 10.26am By

This 100% carbon fork is specified on the Dolan Pursuit Champion track bike tested recently and they are spec'd on all their road time trial bikes.

In the absence of a wind tunnel, experience suggests the teardrop profile probably serves to minimise disturbance of the air around the fork blades, giving an aero advantage.

Despite the thinness of the fork blades the Wing TT fork has enough lateral stiffness for light roadies so it is quite a versatile fork. However, due to the deep crown the Wing TT fork requires an extra long brake mounting bolt and offset is 4.4cm and it is only available in the 1 1/8in steerer dimension.

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Alpina Wing TT
Terry Dolan

Weight (g):
Fork Sizes Available:
1 1/8 Inch

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