Fox 32 Vanilla R fork £339.00

Lightweight and simple coil fork

BikeRadar score4.5/5

It may come with a quick-release skewer rather than a screw-through axle, but the Fox 32 Vanilla is so smooth and well damped that overall control is still outstanding for the money.

Now RockShox’s coil-sprung Revelation isn’t readily available, this simple coil-sprung fork is in a class of its own. At less than 2kg, the Van avoids the usual downsides of coil forks. Gradual evolution means the 09 fork is actually 94g lighter than last year’s fork, with no loss of stiffness. 

Damping changes means it’s even better in prolonged chaos situations too and overall action is outstandingly smooth. The only downside is that 15mm axles are only available on the £499 RLC model, but the extra steering stiffness is still worth it.

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