Fox F100 RLC fork review£509.00

Still among the best 100mm forks

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The name might have changed, but Fox's 100mm travel forks are still among the best. The 'F' forks - formerly known as 'Float' aren't the lightest or stiffest, but they're tough as old boots and gain a neat brake hose guide for '08.

They're also smooth straight from the box, without demanding super-accurate pressure set-up. Damping changes for 2008 have provided outstanding control when you really start hammering through stuff, letting you push them harder than anything else of the same travel. 

The lockout threshold can be adjusted right down to a light climbing/cornering 'platform' level that's great for racing, and 80mm travel is just a spacer away.

Reliability and general finishing are excellent and a pump is included making it well worth the money.

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