RockShox Lyrik Coil U-Turn fork£849.99

Smooth and adjustable, but price is hard to justify

BikeRadar score4/5

RockShox's coil Lyrik is a superbly smooth and adjustable performer, but its recent price hikes in the UK have been horrendous.

With a screw-through Maxle axle and 35mm stanchions, the Lyrik has no trouble holding a line, even through violent braking or cornering. It’s tough enough to handle proper big stuff without being overweight either.

This coil-spring version beds in quickly and smoothly,  and the U-Turn incremental 115-160mm travel adjust is the smoothest, most reliable system around. Travel markers on the side are a great idea too.

The Mission Control threshold and low/high speed damping circuitry allows extremely comprehensive and effective tuning too. The only downside is the price.

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