RockShox Recon 351 U-Turn Coil £250

Reliable but a bit weighty in this long-travel, coil-sprung version

BikeRadar score 4/5

RockShox’s Recon 351 fork is as reliable as its brothers, although weight suffers in this imported long-travel version.

Actual coil spring action is good, though, with the stiff legs and smooth action damped by dependable Motion Control innards, for a consistent and controlled feel in 95% of situations.

The U-Turn travel adjustment is totally intuitive and easy to work, while the overall reliability is as outstanding as we’ve come to expect from RockShox.

Basically a Revelation chassis with a steerer made from steel rather than alloy, the Recon spans the RockShox mid-range with both 100mm and 130mm travel units on the official menu.

Unfortunately the only longer ones imported to the UK by Fisher Outdoor are the coil U-Turns, which means a significant (200g+) weight penalty over the air forks. 

Good value, if weight isn’t an issue.


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