SRAM X5 shifters review£41.00

Positive shifting with SRAM's crud-resistant 1:1 actuation

BikeRadar score4/5

Shifts are slower and softer with the SRAM X5 shifter than on top SRAM shifters because the triggers are plastic and there’s no instant release mechanism. It’s more positive – or ‘agricultural’ – than Shimano though. 

X5 theoretically sits at the same level as Shimano’s Deore, but the pricing and performance of the X5 is closer to LX throughout the group.

Whatever your opinion on the feel, it definitely makes it easier to tell if you’ve actually shifted the right number of gears on rough ground. While it isn’t two-way, the push/push trigger set up doesn’t take long to adjust to either.

Where the X5 shifters really score though is the 1:1 cable pull ratio, which is a lot more tolerant of really filthy cable runs than Shimano.

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