SRAM X7 transmission £482

Workhorse-like performance

BikeRadar score 3/5

With SRAM pushing the dual chainring concept, it’s refreshing to see that they still offer triple-ring setups for riders who feel this approach suits them best. The 44/33/22-tooth chainset works well, and combined with the 36-tooth cassette provides an ultra low gear that'll winch up virtually anything the trails can offer.

Shifting is fair for the money. It doesn’t quite match the crisp and light feel of Shimano equivalents nor feature the Zero Loss Travel as found on X9 and X0, but it's easy to index and less likely to wander when cables get dirty.

The cassettes keep the heavily drilled and cut theme and those wanting even more range will welcome the 11-36T option that's about to be released. The rear mech even gets the carbon fibre touch on its cage, adding a touch of class.

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