Easton Aeroforce EA70 Clip-On Bars review



Easton Aeroforce EA70 Clp-on Bars

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"Good starter aerobars – very adjustable and fairly low-pro"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2.00pm By

Armrests on clip-on aerobars are often too high, stopping you getting low and aero. These 578g aluminium bars are better because the extensions run under the bar instead of on top.

Discounting the too-fat pads, the armrests are only 2cm from the bar top. ITM Ultra VIP bars are lower still – about 1cm – but the Eastons offer more adjustment for armrest position and reach. 

They fit 31.8mm bars or 26mm with shims. The S-bend is comfortable and is drilled for hidden cables and threaded for a computer mount (£3.99).

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Aeroforce EA70 Clip-on (09)

Options: * Extra pad sets * Computer mount
# Butted EA70 Extensions shaped to optimize fit, comfort, and add style. Shot-peened/anodized finish for enhanced fatigue life and durability. Extensions drilled for internal routing of shifter cables. Cantilevered pad support arms provide relief from road shock. Patent-pending Arc Technology for pad width adjustment. Pad width adjustment externally accessible (no pad removal required). Patent-pending Clamshell pad system keeps pads secure and promotes easy pad changes. Air channels in pads keep forearms cool.
Weight (g):
Clamp/Bar Size:
26.0 31.8

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