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Answer ProTAPER 720 AM riser bar

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"The ProTAPER 720 AM is a beefy, confidence-boosting bar at a sensible price"

Friday, February 10, 2012 12.00pm By

Answer are one of the original names in lightweight aluminium bars – they launched the 150g Hyperlite (using Easton EA70 tubing) in the early ’90s, and that’d still be a light bar today. The ProTAPER AM weighs nearly twice that but it’s pitched at more demanding riding styles.

A shot-peened finish keeps controls in place and distributes stress. There are laser-etched cut marks down to 500mm – although why you’d want to cut a 720mm bar that narrow is anyone’s guess. On the front there’s just a single horizontal line for setting the angle, but the array of vertical ones make it easy to get the bar dead central.

Once mounted up, the ProTAPER’s generous width and well-thought-out shape deliver plenty of comfort and control, and there’s nothing like a few extra grams of high-strength alloy to boost confidence in a handlebar. One small detail worthy of note is that the ProTAPER is available in four colours – if the red doesn’t fit your colour concept, the others are more neutral.

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Pro Taper 720 AM riser bar (12)

*Width 720mm *Rise 25mm *Backsweep 8° *Upsweep 4° *Other sizes 720mm/50.8mm rise *Material 7050 aluminium
Weight (g):
Width (mm):
Handlebar Rises Available:
25mm 50mm

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