Bontrager Rhythm Pro riser bar review£60.00

Comfortable, wide-span all-rounder

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Rhythm bar is a comfortable, wide-span all-rounder, but it's heavier and slightly less user-friendly than most of the competition. Testing lab results suggest it’s pretty stiff considering its width, but it feels more flexible and comfortable on the trail than the figures indicate.

Much of that is due to the early start of the backsweep, which makes it come back further round towards you than the average nine-degree geometry figure would suggest. That potentially makes it a decent wide-reach, lazy feel, comfort bar for riders who don’t mind adding significant weight.

The shot-peened bar is logo’d but you have to rely on lining up the wide central V mark to get it centred. Despite the 750mm width making it a candidate for trimming, there aren’t any cut marks either.

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