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Easton Haven

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"Great feel with decent control leverage and reasonable weight, but price matches performance"

Monday, March 14, 2011 12.00pm By

This tough but lightweight trail bar uses Easton’s metalworking experience to full effect. While weight is identical to the company's MonkeyLite bars, the Taperwall alloy construction is extended to a 28in width for trail control. The extra 21mm costs you a tenner.

A shot-peened centre section adds stem grip while rotation marks keep centring accurate. The outer edge graphics get scuffed up quickly if you shuffle control and bar clamps about, which can spoil the looks unless you’re careful. There are no cut marks on the tips either.

On the bike the 20mm rise keeps it low and aggressive in feel while the nine-degree backsweep works whether you’re a cruiser or an elbows-out attacker. The Taperwall progressive butting means there’s no sting or wrist fatigue on longer rides, with the extra leverage of the increased width offsetting the fact it flexed more than the MonkeyLite on our deflection test rig.

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