Syncros AM20 Composite mountain bike handlebar review£110.00

Comfy carbon choice

BikeRadar score2.5/5

This generous width carbon bar is a minimal weight, high comfort option for less aggressive riders. We were concerned about quality control as our sample was 33g lighter than the 195g stated weight. This suggests a worrying amount of material was missing.

Still, it passed our CE testing rig regime without showing any stress marks, and there were no cracks or creaks when hammering it on the trail. It comes with alloy bar end reinforcement plugs, so it’s scuff-proof and fine to use with lock-on style grips.

The centre section gets a grip wrap for security, with back-of-bar angle markers to help you set the backsweep and upsweep. The bar does flex a lot so if you like millimetre-precise trail placement it’s not for you. There’s no shortage of springy leverage so if you’re a light rider looking for a 28.4in bar for less weight than most 27in cross-country options, this is a good choice.

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