Truvativ Hussefelt bar review£19.99

This is a very well-proven Truvativ bar

BikeRadar score4/5

This is a very well-proven Truvativ bar. It's a medium rise and sweep but the outer ends are relatively flat so it needs rotating to find that sweep/rise sweet spot. It takes some riders a bit of rotation to feel right but it tapers before the bulge so it's not too stiff. The AL-66 material is shot-peened all over to reduce stress. Truvativ's Holzefeller (£29.99) uses 7050 but it's 28.2in long so comes in at the same weight.

The stem is pretty much standard fit on most mid-range freeride/DH bikes. The clean, cold forged block has big ridges to house the bolt threads and the overbite front plate has a thickened H- section on the front to spread bar stress. We've not had a problem with failure or slipping. It's not light but the Hussefelt logo looks neat for the price. The Holzefeller (£29.99) is a much shinier 7000 series version that's 12g lighter.

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