FSA Omega Compact handlebar £24.95

Tough, sportive-friendly bars

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

So-called 'compact' drop handlebars are already a standard fitment on many sportive bikes, and we love ’em.

The shallow 125mm drop on the Omega makes the transition from hoods to drops less pronounced than a standard 140-160mm drop anatomic bar, and FSA have been generous, providing a longer-than-average section on the drops.

The design also has a shorter forward reach than most anatomic bars, providing a slightly more upright riding position when your hands are on the hoods. In addition, a double groove rather than a single one makes for slightly neater cable routing. 

The butted 6061 alloy tubing is thick enough to withstand the internal expanding clamp of bar-end shifters and the bar is compatible with 31.8mm stems, but we’d like to see a version for 26.0mm as well.

It’s good to see the often ignored 38cm width available, along with the usual 40, 42 and 44cm. Fitting the Omega will add around 302g to your bike’s heft.


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