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KCNC 13T Jockey Wheels

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"Refresh your derailleur with a bit of low-friction sparkle"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 4.00pm By

Back in 1976, Roger Durham claimed that the reduced friction in his red anodised Bullseye jockey wheels – ‘pulleys’ – could save you the equivalent of a 100ft climb over 100 miles; ever since, upgrading derailleur jockey wheels has been de rigueur for improvement-hunting cyclists.

Compatible with the big three – Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM – installation was simple, and at 9g each these intricately machined pulleys could save up to about 6g over the original jockey wheels, while giving your rear mech an instant facelift. The sealed cartridge ball bearings mean less friction, while shifting stays crisp and accurate, with just a little extra mechanical noise as the payoff.

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13T Jockey Wheels (11) (Pair)

Black, Gold, Red, Silver, Green and Blue colour options
Weight (g):
Bike Compatibility:
Campagnolo 10spd Shimano 10spd SRAM 10spd

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