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BBB Mountaingo Clipless Pedals

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65.0 out of 5 stars

"Light, cheap and promising pedals, but let down by nervous performance"

Monday, January 12, 2009 4.00pm By

These value brand clipless pedals look great at first. Open construction means they shrug off early winter filth and the sealed cartridge bearings aresmooth after hours of riding and hosing.

Shimano SPD compatible single release cleats allow four degrees of lateral float and there’s positive engagement when clipping in. Retention is adjustable, with indicators for the tension setting. 

Any looser than neutral and the cages rattled badly, although nothing actually fell off. But while climbing, the pedals frequently and randomly ejected the cleat without warning, no matter how we adjusted the tension. They’re satisfyingly light at 299g, but function isn’t up to scratch. 

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Mountain goclipless Pedals

Weight (g):
Available Colours:
Matte Black Polished
Thread size:
9/16 Inch

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