Genetic Syngenic pedals £39.99

Good value single-sided road pedals

BikeRadar score 4/5

If you’re contemplating your first pair of single-sided road pedals the Syngenics make an excellent choice. They deliver all the performance of a good road pedal as well as being the perfect enthusiasts’ pedal at a good price.

The magnesium body offers a large platform to put down the power while offering plenty of stability.

The axle-to-sole height at 20mm is high and might put some racers off, but power delivery still feels pretty solid.

Inside, the Genetics run on a combination of sealed cartridge and needle bearings for a smooth ride on reliable chromoly axles.

The release tension can be adjusted and because the Syngenic is compatible with Look’s ARC cleat there’s a choice between those with no float, 4 and 9 degrees. The pedals come supplied with a 9-degree cleat.

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