Mavic EZ-Ride Evolve pedals review£39.99

Different approach

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Sticking magnets into the pedals and the sole of the shoes might sound like a bonkers idea, but then again this is Mavic, a company who are not afraid to take a different approach to cycling products.

That’s a good thing though, because the EZ-Ride Evolve pedals are fantastic if you consider what they’re designed to do.

The idea is that the pedal locates into a recessed section in the sole of a dedicated shoe, and gets a little extra ‘grip’ thanks to the inclusion of magnets between shoe and pedal. This prevents accidental slipping – especially in the rain and it works brilliantly.

The pedals are well made, with super-smooth bearings and good sealing, and even without the EZ-Ride specific shoes they still work well as flat pedals. Well done Mavic.

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