WTB Deva£49.99

A quietly competent perch

BikeRadar score4.5/5

This has to be one of the top saddles here. While some testers found nothing remarkable about it, you could say that finding no negatives is a good place to start for a saddle.

The Deva has a flat surface and medium width at the rear, with a central groove. Even if you generally go for cut-aways every time, this saddle has a flat, unobtrusive middle section and nose area, so there are no problems 'underneath'.

There's a thin amount of gel and a little give in the shell, but it still supports you over hours of long rides, both on and off road. The vogue white looks are cool and though it's not the most practical, it cleans up fairly well.

Tough titanium rails and a Lorica synthetic leather upper are hard-wearing, helping to justify the price.

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