Outland Suspension Seatpost £25

Comfortable budget bounce

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

Outland’s suspension post is smooth and comfortable and compatible with upgrade kist from Post Moderne. In fact it's similar to the Post Moderne Cushy SL but longer and therefore heavier, making it worth buying if you need the extra length.

Its soft spring rate gives it the same easy movement and immediate comfort as the Cushy. You do have to sit centrally to get the best performance though. It’s also a bouncer when you pedal in stock trim, but you can add preload via the bottom bung.

The Post Moderne upgrade springs plug in with a bit of coaxing if you want a stiffer ride too.

There is rock and wobble from new, but nothing too distracting and the tightening collar keeps it under control as the months go by.

It also comes in both black (27.2mm only) and silver finishes, too.

Unless you really need the extra 50mm of length, the much lighter Cushy SL would be our £25 choice though.

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