KS Cobra i900 seatpost£119.99

Big-travel adjustable post

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Cobra adjustable height seatpost follows the usual format of an air spring with hydraulic damping, but the internals are kept separate from the sliding sleeve, which means any cleaning and lubing maintenance can be done quickly and easily.

The post uses a unique one-way bearing locking system. The result is zero lateral play, unlike others which rely on key and keyway alone. There’s a huge 125mm adjustment range on tap at the pull of a lever, which is as much as you would ever need.

The action is slightly notchy and agricultural on the way down, but that’s just being fussy. But beware – with your saddle at the correct pedalling height, you need 160mm from saddle rail to seat tube to fit this puppy in. 

The only thing lacking is a remote lever, which is available on the i900-R version, and we’ll bring you the lowdown on that as soon as we get one. 

KS cobra i900 adjustable seatpost: ks cobra i900 adjustable seatpost

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