Tune Starkes Stuck review£94.99

Super light but high-priced and a pain to set up

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Starkes Stuck post has been one of Tune's trademark pieces for years. The shaft is machine shaped externally and internally for maximum strength at minimum weight, and it's tough enough to be a bling choice among European downhill riders.

The minimalist twin T-bar and loose cradle clamp help to keep the weight super low but, unfortunately, the up and-under design with narrow T-bars means the post is a sod to set up and it rattled apart within minutes on the first ride. Once cranked up even tighter, it still creaked for ages and needed a couple more re-tightenings to finally settle it into place. The price is also super high, although you can special order anodised colours at no extra cost.

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