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Van Nicholas Titanium

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"Awkward first fit spoils this comfortable and classy looking titanium post"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 12.00pm By

This elegant titanium post uses a split aluminium clamp held within a titanium ring by two bolts to secure saddle rails and allow adjustment. Fitting the saddle requires a bit of brute force, and you need to make sure you fit the top half of the clamp before squeezing the second half into position.

Otherwise, reversing the assembly order makes an already difficult job impossible. Once the rails are fitted, adjusting the saddle position is fairly straightforward and there’s no unwanted slippage. The titanium shaft mutes small vibrations extremely well for a silky ride on good roads and takes the edge off pothole-sized impacts.

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Titanium (11)
Van Nicholas

Range: 40mm
Weight (g):
Saddle Rail Compatibility:
Lengths Available:
300mm 400mm
Diameters Available:
27.2mm 31.6mm

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