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KCNC Cassette

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"Very lightweight; more durable and cheaper than you’d expect"

Thursday, November 5, 2009 10.00am By

The new titanium/scandium/aluminium cassette from the CNC machining wizards at KCNC weighs an amazing 165g – 60g lighter than the equivalent Shimano XTR and costing just £13 more.

Shifts under load aren’t bad, with downshifts smoother than upshifts. We never quite dialled out a fluffed shift somewhere on the block, but we think it works well enough for the start line.

So the killer question is: will the cogs last? A gear masher will kill it quickly, but on a race-day wheelset under a smooth gear spinner it will last and last.

We’ve been using it every day for four months – and trying quite hard to break its teeth – and the level of wear is negligible.

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