Hope RS stem £60

Quality alloy road stem

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

The chaps at Hope start out with a forged billet (a brick-like lump) of 2014 aluminium alloy and then machine away all the bits they don’t need to leave a stem and a pile of alloy shavings. 

It would be easier to forge a stem that’s nearly the right shape, and then machine it to finish, but it would also cost a damn sight more. And cost is where the Hope scores very highly. 

This was the second stiffest stem in the test, and boy did it ride like it too. It’s a little on the weighty side, but the quality and performance are top notch – and all for 60 quid. 

The clamp is split at an angle to reduce the likelihood of crimping when the clamp bolts are tightened down on to the steerer tube, and it is all finished off with a classy tough black anodized finish.

Lengths available are 100, 110 or 120mm with standard or oversized stem eyes and 5 degree rise/fall.

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